Crystals have been used by various cultures over the centuries, they are still unknown to many.
There are many types of crystals they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Different crystals have different energy flows and structures. Crystal healing’s popularity has grown over the past forty years. People are turning to a more holistic and gentle way of treatments and want treatments where you don’t have to take medication when there is no need.
I suppose many wonder how crystals can have healing properties? Well, it’s all in the science of how they grow over millions of years, crystals contain vibrational energy, the same as all other living things on earth. We are all energy and each of us all has our own electromagnetic field (can also be called an ‘Aura’). I want to share an example with you:
Do you ever get a strange feeling when someone sits too close to you, or someone enters the room and they make you feel a little off? Or you just don’t vibe that person when you meet them?
When you experience this you are sensing that the energy of that person is not compatible with your energy and your vibrations do not match.
How crystals can help heal you, is through their structure, they are the most organised grouping of cell units. They form a unique lattice pattern, that is called a crystal system. When the crystal energy field enters your energy field, you being the weaker of both energies (due to stresses, illnesses, disease) take on the crystal’s energy and vibrations.
When the crystals are placed in areas of the body that need healing the energy from the crystals flow through your body. Your practitioner (me 🙂 ) would have picked crystals beforehand to help with the energy blockages that need addressing.
During the healing the session I will work with the crystals to help release the blockages and negative energies out of the body. After this, I will then leave you to relax, have some healing time and allow you to take on the energy of the crystals.

45 - Minute Chakra Cleanse

The 45-minute chakra cleanse is a perfect way to get your energies balanced and aligned.  This treatment is great for anyone new to energy therapies also wanting to find out more about the benefits and experience of energy healing.

60 - Minute Chakra Healing

The 60 – Minute chakra healing works on specific issues.  Using specific crystals to work the areas that need attention, will help to heal and release any blockages in that area.  This treatment is gentle and can help to release energies.

60 - Minute Reiki & Crystal Session

Using both reiki and crystals to heal the body.  Helping you to relax into the moment and allow for the healing to take place.  Giving you time to be in the moment and allowing you to forget about what is going on in your life right now.

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