An online membership that gives you everything you need to progress and deepen your yoga journey.

There will be 5 classes per week held live on a private Instagram account, also live on a private Facebook group.

Facebook group for support and also to re-watch any of the live classes.

All sessions are pre-planned to help you progress on your yoga journey (classes are accessible to all abilities) both physically and mentally.


3 x Flow classes per week
1 x Slow class per week
1 x Strength class per week

To make this accessible to you, there are 3 sign-up options:

Week (min two-week sign-up) – £7.50 per week

Monthly – £20 per month (saving £10 per month)

Yearly – £200 per year (saving £40 per year)

Flow Classes 

There will be 3 x flow classes per week.  This will include a mixture of Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga Primary series, Power flow.

These classes will be planned for progression in your yoga practice. These classes are stronger and challenge you, but are suitable for all abilities.  There will always be modifications for each asana that is progressive.

Each week you will see an improvement in your practice as we work through our monthly programme together.


Strength Flow

This practice is once per week.  We will work on a flow that is the same every week but will increase in intensity as we progress; there will be more asanas added into the flow as we move into a deeper strength practice.

We will use blocks for the majority of this practice and will work on our deep muscles to increase our strength for our yoga practice.

This class is suitable for all abilities as there are always modifications to each asana.


Slow Flow 

This practice is also once per week and during this time we will acknowledge the mind-body connection. 

We will use practices that include holding asanas for 3-5 minutes that will allow us to understand where we are holding our tensions within the body. 

This practice is just as important as our flow classes and we will create a deeper understanding of how we feel on a deeper level.

Using Hatha yoga and also Yin style yoga for this practice, both part of my personal practice as I love to connect my mind, body and soul through the breath.


Private Online Membership

You will get full access to our online private membership site.

Instagram and Facebook Group.

Supportive community.

Online Membership Platform (September 2021).

Weekly live Q&A.

1-1 support available (additional charge)

5 x Live Weekly Classes

5 x Live weekly classes on  the

Instagram and Facebook Group.

Supportive community.

Online Membership Platform (September 2021).

Weekly live Q&A.

1-1 support available (additional charge)

Flexible Membership

Our membership has been designed to be flexible.

Cancel at any time.  There is a minimum of 2-week signup for the weekly pass. 

Discounts are available if you sign up for a monthly or yearly membership.

Fun always allowed

Our platform is there for us to feel safe and connected.

If you have joined any of my in-person classes you will know that I love to have fun and not take life too seriously.

Our community is a place where we will grow together and also have fun along the way.

Are you ready?

Do you want to join our online yoga community.  

Learn all about the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga, meditation and energy healing.

This will be a special place to connect with like-minded people and a place where you will feel safe to speak your internal truth.

As a community will we support each other and watch each other grow as we connect with each other.